Why wear a luxury watch?

An accessory which simply never falls out of favour, a luxury watch is a symbol of sophistication, elegance and style. New or a pre-owned watch is an easy way to show your class, wearing a luxury watch allows you to ooze authority and influence with just a flick of your wrist.

Whether you are on an evening out, at work or indulging in sport, there's a luxury watch to suit the occasion.

Luxury watches aren't a new concept; some of the most prestigious watchmakers have been around since the mid-19th century. Despite modern technology, many companies still carefully craft each and every tiny component using traditional methods.

Wearing a luxury watch sets you apart from the crowd, is a functional yet stylish accessory, and guarantees that you will have a timepiece of real quality. The used and second hand watch market is growing, luxury watches are a true fashion statment. 

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Many individuals have an idea about what a luxury watch looks like: typically gold, with a classic yet dressy style, and the perfect accompaniment to a sharp suit.

Whilst there are certainly many luxury watches which fit these criteria, this is just a very small section of the market. Top quality used watches come in many shapes and sizes and are suitable for a range of uses.

Every brand has their own distinctive look, but the vast majority offer both vintage and contemporary timepieces to suit all styles and occasions. Both small and large casings are available, which provides the option whether to wear your watch outside or under your shirt.

As well as dress watches which tend to be rather more formal and typically eye-catching, there are luxury watches suitable for everyday use too. With the choice of leather straps or metal bracelets, it's possible to pick the watch that complements your usual attire.

But luxury watches should fit in with everyday activities too which is why certain ranges are suitable for use during sports. As well as a range of waterproofing (which can accommodate deep-water diving), many timepieces are shock-resistant and come with a selection of special functions for use during different activities such as climbing and aviation.

Why buy a pre-owned watch?

A luxury watch is undoubtedly an investment and you may wonder whether you should opt for a pre-owned timepiece or buy brand-new.

One of the factors which sets luxury watches apart is their immaculate quality; the craftsmanship which goes into creating each one means that if they are taken care of properly, they will last and last.

Many individuals sell their luxury watch simply because they want a change, and they know they will have a very long wait if they delay buying until their old watch no longer works!

There are a number of luxury watchmakers in the market and like all commercial enterprises; they are competing with each other for customers. Therefore, a lot of money is spent on advertising and product placement.

When you buy a new watch, a big chunk of the purchase price goes towards paying for the advertising and other commercial activities. As a watch-lover and an investor, this doesn't make the best use of your money.

By opting for a pre-owned luxury watch, you can be certain that you won't be paying the commercial premium that a brand-new watch commands yet you will still benefit from the same quality and longevity of workmanship.

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Simply use the search facility to look for watchmakers and models that you want to buy. The seller should have uploaded a picture of their timepiece along with all the relevant details.

Although Horology Trader don't take part in the transaction, we only allow brands and models which are considered to be genuine luxury watches to be listed on the site.

Each advert carries the seller's name, telephone number and website (where applicable) so you can get in touch with them directly; there's no onerous registration or hidden contact details. We want to help you find a high quality pre-owned luxury watch with no stress, fuss or hassle.

So if you're thinking about buying a new or a pre-owned Swiss luxury watch, why not have a browse through to see what's on offer right now!