About Horology Trader


Horology Trader, the watch website for new, used and pre-owned watches is owned and moderated by Swiss and BHI trained watchmakers.  This website has been set up by watchmakers and watch enthusiasts as they wanted a quality website for buying and selling watches, with good quality content.  It needed to be equally as user friendly for watch dealers, private sellers and collectors.  The vision for Horology Trader is to be the number one website for people buying and selling watches.  Meet our specialist moderators and what they have to say about Horology Trader:

Paul Brady MBHI from Prestige Time Services is the owner and a moderator on Horology Trader.  He is a Swiss WOSTEP, BHI trained watchmaker and a member of the British Watch and Clock Makers Guild.

“I wanted to produce a quality website for buying and selling watches.  A site with good quality watches listed with no spares or accessories advertised and all watches advertised to be complete and without parts missing.  The site must be useable for watch dealers as Prestige Time Services sells pre-owned watches and I have struggled to find a site that offered easy functionality for managing the watches.  It was important to me to keep the sellers charges to a minimum.  Horology Trader doesn’t have final selling fees or commission charges.   I wanted to make it easy for watch traders to start off advertising their stock for free and if they want to increase the amount of watches they advertise at any single time it’s then only chargeable at a fixed monthly rate, keeping the cost down for the watch traders.  I know what it’s like selling watches, and having the tight profit margins cut by sky high commission charges can really hurt.”

Brian McDaid Grad BHI from Time Repairs Limited and a moderator on Horology Trader is a WOSTEP Swiss, BHI trained watchmaker and a member of the British Watch and Clock Makers Guild. 

“I wanted the user ability for watch dealers to be simple and with easy payment options.  The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are very simple and with the Bronze level being completely free, it will encourage watch dealers to use the site.  I buy and sell watches and installing a good watch dealer section on the site, where watch dealers can advertise up to 200 watches (platinum account) at one time with all the contact information clearly displayed, will definitely increase the chances of the dealer selling their watches.  I think the decision that Horology Trader will have no restrictions for watch a dealer putting a link back to their own website, Facebook and/or Twitter pages is great, potential buyers can look at the dealers’ complete stock and profile.  We want dealers to use Horology Trader so little touches like that are a good idea.”

Mark Carter MBHI, watchmaker and director at MC Watchservices Ltd is a moderator on Horology Trader with over 35 years experience at the bench.  Mark is a Member of the British Watch and Clock Makers Guild and has attended training courses in Switzerland at Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, Omega, Tissot & ETA.  He is a great asset to Horology Trader.

"When I first heard about Horology Trader I wanted to be a part of it.  I also wanted give my input into the functionality side of the site. I have delt with watch dealers and influential people within the watch industry and I wanted to help fine tune the website.  I like the idea that each advert can be shared with anybody, anywhere.  Horology Traders' share button allows the user or a dealer to share that watch using the top 20 social media platforms.  When a dealer uploads a watch they can click share and get the world looking at their watch.  For me reputation is very important so we wanted to ensure that we got Horology Trader right by having a quality site moderated by highly experienced members."

Aaron Lang WOSTEP trained watchmaker and director of Smart Time Solutions is also a moderator on Horology Trader. 

“Horology Trader excites me.  The unique features which have been mentioned will ensure a great experience for all users of the site, be it a user browsing the site for a watch, or dealer selling their watches.  I like the feature where a dealer if they wish can select which countries their watches can be viewed.  If a dealer just wants to sell their watches in the UK, Europe or the USA the dealer can select which countries their watches are viewed.  This feature can target their watches into the countries that they wish to sell their watches in.  I have bought and sold watches in the past and have had mixed experiences with different websites, mainly with commission charges and final fees.  Horology Trader has none of these”.