Buying Guide For Finding Your Next New, Used Or Pre-Owned Watch


Our watch buyers’ guide has been created to help you find your perfect timepiece.   Read through our buyers’ guides on tips how to choose your next watch.

Search.  Use the search facility or the drop down boxes to get started finding your desired watch.   Browse the search results and click the advert that has a watch you would like to look at.

Watch adverts.  The more detailed the advert is, generally the better as you can get a good feel of the watches condition.  Lots of detail is a good indication that seller knows a lot about the watch and should be able to answer any questions.

What to look out for.  Look out for aftermarket fittings and after set watches.  There is nothing technically wrong with it as it’s not counterfeit but it has been modified and has fooled some buyers in the way that they think it’s an original fitting or was manufactured like that.  Any watch fitted with aftermarket parts could seriously affect the value of the watch.  Also if the watch went back to the manufacturer they may refuse to service or repair it.  If you think it’s had anything fitted or been after set ask the seller to clarify.

Counterfeit watches.  Counterfeit watches are not permitted on the website and are removed immediately.   We do have a “Report” button on each advert.  If you believe a watch listing needs reporting to us, use the form and notify our moderators.

Contact the seller.  Use the contact form on the advert to email the seller directly or if it’s a trader you can go straight to the traders’ website or eBay shop.   Traders may also have a shop or boutique and may have a phone number displayed.

Pictures.  If you need more pictures for any reason, ask the seller and they should be able to email you some extra pictures or answer your query. 

Ask questions.  Ask questions until you feel satisfied that the watch is the right one for you.  Make sure the question is relevant to that watch and not a general question about the make or the history of the model.  A seller will always assist if the questions are genuine and relevant. 

Payment.  Buying from a watch dealer will be straight forward.  They will have many payment methods and may have premises for you to view the watch.  Buying from a private seller will be different.  There are many payment methods and you will have to agree with seller the one that you both wish to use.  Remember Horology Trader doesn’t take part in any transaction.  We are a broker for sellers to advertise their watch to potential buyers.  So completing the purchase of the watch is left to you.