Horology Trader is designed to be easy to use and navigate around, but if you are unsure about anything, take a look at our FAQs below to see if they answer your question. If you can't find the information you need, please email us directly and we will be happy to help: enquiries@horologytrader.com

+ What happens if I think the asking price is too high?

Horology Trader provides a central place for luxury watches to be bought and sold; the details of each individual transaction are entirely between the two parties.

Each listing carries full contact details of the seller who may be willing to negotiate on the price. Horology Trader will not be responsible for negotiating on your behalf. If you want to offer a lower price, or query the quoted value, get in touch with the seller using the contact details provided. 

+ I want to buy a watch but can't find a listing for the brand I am looking for?

Although we provide search facilities for all of the luxury watchmakers, there are no guarantees about what makes and models will be available at any given time.

Horology Trader allows private and commercial sellers to advertise their watches and the active listings reflect what is currently being offered. 

+ I want to sell a watch; how do I know you won't put my listing at the bottom of the pile?

All listings are displayed depending on their relevance to the search criteria which has been entered.

The order of listings is not prioritised based on price or any other criteria unrelated to the search. 

+ Can I buy a watch from overseas that is listed on Horology Trader?

When a seller opts to create a listing, they decide what countries they would like it to be visible in. This means that if they don't want to sell to buyers in other countries, you won't see the listing in your search results.

If you can see a listing the seller should be willing to transact with you, even if they are based in another country.

+ I've seen a watch my friend will love; can I share the listing with them?

Yes! Horology Trader is designed to be shared amongst the watch community so we have made it as easy as possible for you to share a listing with your friends.

Each listing has a share button; simply click on this and pick from one of the top 20 different social media platforms or alternatively, send it via email. 

+ Who is Horology Trader run by?

Horology Trader has been created, and continues to be moderated by, a team of Swiss and BHI trained watchmakers.

The website was designed by individuals who are passionate about watches and wanted to set up a website which buyers and sellers could easily access, whether they were commercial traders or private individuals.

Costs are deliberately kept to a minimum, with a number of free packages, and no commission payable on any sales.

To find out more about the team of specialist moderators, take a look here.

+ How do I know which watches are in working order?

Horology Trader does not allow any watches with broken or missing components, or watches which are incomplete.

All of the watches listed should be in full working order with no parts missing. Details of any accessories also included in the sale should be clearly described in the listing. 

+ Where can I find listings for parts and accessories?

Horology Trader provides a marketplace for the buying and selling of complete luxury watches; there is no facility to search for parts and accessories.

However, by locating a commercial seller who has a listing for the same brand of watch, you can find the details for their website. They may stocks parts and accessories outside of Horology Trader. 

+ Is there a difference between a pre-owned and a second hand watch?

Essentially no, pre-owned is just another term. They mean both the same thing. Pre-owned is more commonly used. Watch dealers will rarely ever list the watch as second hand as pre-owned sounds better. There maybe a difference between what a watch dealer calls pre-owned and a private seller. A watch dealer normally checks the watch over, may service the watch but will most likely polish and clean the watch. A private seller may just list their watch for sale in its current condition.