Watch Selling Guide. Tips To Help You Sell Your Wrist Watch


Our step by step Watch Selling Guide is to help you maximise the selling potential of your watch.  If you follow our guide it will increase the chance of someone offering to buy your watch.  Take your time and read our step by step guide.

1. Make sure your watch is in working order.  Potential watch buyers look for watches that are in working order as they don’t have to spend their time or money having to get the watch serviced or repaired.  If the watch has been serviced or repaired recently or had any new parts replaced, for example a new glass or a clasp, make it clear in your advert.  List the details of when your watch was last serviced or repaired.  Doing this will give the potential buyer confidence in the watch and they are more likely to make you an offer.  If your watch isn’t working, has stopped and/or is in need of a service or repair; try getting a quote for having your watch serviced or repaired.  You don’t have to have the work carried out yourself, state the quote in your advert and reflect this in your selling price.  Make your watch is slightly cheaper than a watch in working order.  An honest detailed advert always attracts interest from potential buyers.

2. Take good quality pictures of your watch.  Good quality pictures are really important when you are selling your watch.  Potential buyers could possibly skip past your advert if the pictures are of poor quality.  We recommend an upload quality of 520 wide x 420 high px to obtain good pictures on our site.  If you buy and sell watches we would suggest getting a watch stand to place the watch on while taking the pictures.  These can be purchased for less than the cost of a large coffee!  A picture of your watch taken on a watch stand shows the watch in the position it’s worn on the wrist and aesthetically it looks better.  If you haven’t got a watch stand, the best position is the watch lay on its side with the crown facing up.  The more pictures you take the better, we recommend four to six pictures and always include a close up picture of the dial and hands as potential buyers like a close up view and maybe a copy of the purchase receipt or a service invoice.

3. Make and model.   When you start to enter the details of your watch on Horology Trader make sure you know the make and model plus any model/serial numbers.  It’s important to get these details correct as buyers normally are looking for a particular watch for their collection and errors could have potential buyers missing your advert.  If your watch is a limited edition make this clear and reiterate the information in the general watch description.

4. Watch detail.  Use the drop boxes to put in the key information of your watch.  You can list the year and serial number etc, and this important watch information is highlighted in your advert above the general watch detail text box, so it stands out to potential buyers.

5. Watch description.  The watch description box is designed for you to include further detail of the watch you’re selling.  You can have up to 2000 characters, so use it to your advantage.   You can clarify the details of the entire watch like the make and model numbers as in the watch detail but more importantly the condition of watch and any detail of its service history.  If the watch has any unique features or is quite rare, include this information also as watch buyers and dealers may be looking for a particular model and serial number.  We would recommend including when the watch was purchased and where from, as this is the detail that watch buyers also like to see.  Make your description clear and ensure the grammar and spelling is correct.

6. Selling Price.  Choosing a realistic selling price is very important.  Having a watch in perfect condition but priced too high could mean you might not get an offer for your watch.  Search the website and look for similar watches to yours and price your watch accordingly.  Price it somewhere in the middle and always be open to offers, so maybe put o.n.o. in the asking price section.

7. Payment.  Horology Trader doesn’t take part in any transaction.  We are a broker for you to advertise your watch to potential buyers.  So receiving payment and completing the sale is left to you.  Choose a method of payment that you and the buyer agree on.

We hope you find these tips useful. To start selling your watch click here.