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The International Watch Company, also known as IWC, is one of the longest running luxury watch-makers, having been founded in east Switzerland in 1868.

The company prides itself on its long history and the longevity of its watches; IWC say that any of their watches which have been made since 1868 are capable of being both maintained and repaired as they hold spare parts for every type of watch ever made. Luxury watches are known for being particularly durable but this goes beyond anything seen before.

IWC specialise in crafting timepieces which go beyond the normal performance of a watch. Included in their range are the Ingenieur Series (one has of the world's first bi-directional automatic movements which are also designed to withstand harsh temperature changes plus features superb shock resistance) as well as the Pilot's Watches, a chunky and eye-catching series, originally launched in 1936 and aimed at the male market.

For those who prefer a more classic appeal, IWC have recreated six of their most popular vintage designs and re-launched them for the modern market. 

Offering chronographs in addition to a quartz range (designed in response to demand), IWC watches are both functional and sophisticated, with many advanced features complementing the sleek curves of each timepiece. 

No watch collection is complete without an IWC wrist watch. Most collections may have more than one. For this reason the pre-owned IWC market is strong. Many of the Pilot and the Portuguese IWC timepieces fill the second hand jewellery shop windows. Normally creating a small crowd on busy shopping days with people admiring the IWC watches for sale. 

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