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Although not as well known to the general public as certain other luxury watch brands, Patek Philippe is widely considered by horological aficionados as the most prestigious type of timepiece money can buy.

Not only does Patek Philippe manufacture every small component of their watches themselves, but they have been responsible for a number of different innovations in the industry such as the perpetual calendar, keyless winding as well as the chronograph.

Past supporters of the watch-maker include a list of long and illustrious names such as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the Sultan of Egypt, Hussein Kamel and the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuelle III.

For some of the most sought-after designs, watches have been sold in auctions reaching millions of pounds.

One of the most sophisticated examples of the quality of Patek Philippe and the attention to detail is the Calibre 89, part of the elite Haute Holorgerie range. This piece of technological wizardry uses star charts which compare the Earth's rotation and the fixed position of the stars to track time.

Some of these more complex designs feature faces which are just stunning in the detail, with an embossed surface plus a number of beautifully sleek dials. For those who prefer a more classic design, Patel Philippe also has a range of more traditional watches which are striking in their simplicity. 

Patek claim their watches are for life so buying a second hand Patek is not always easy. There are many Patek Philippe pre-owned watches for sale but they do sell quickly and with many buyers knowing exactly what they want. If you see your perfect Patek, grab it! 

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