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With a long history in watch-making dating back to 1860, Tag Heuer have always been focused on innovation and precision.

Even in the 19th century, the master craftsman were pushing boundaries and introducing new technologies which hadn't before been seen in horology.

The constant drive to be the best meant that Tag Heuer watches were frequently ahead of the rest of the field, pioneering new materials and methods before their competitors.

But although the design of a watch and the precision has been two of the core principles that Tag Heuer has always borne in mind, their original and enduring passion is for creating timepieces specifically for sport.

As a result of the continued commitment from the highly skilled watch-makers at Tag Heuer, the brand has become synonymous with many different sports. Tag Heuer is the name behind Formula 1, skiing, sailing and many other competitive sports.

Although the link between the watch-maker and the world of sport is undeniable, the watches are very accessible for the general public too. Models such as the ever-popular Carrera, 2000 series, Monaco and Kirium F1 all offer watch-lovers an unparalleled precision coupled with the very best in technology, finished off with a classy and upmarket design. 

For many collecting Tag Heuer watches is a hobby. Well priced watches, especially in the second market with great looks. Most watch wearers would have had a Tag Heuer at some point. Pre-owned Tag Heuer watches are still in demand. The brand as increased its model range with some real high end timepieces. Most watch dealers are now buying used Tag Heuer watches to sell on. Looking for a pre-owned Tag Heuer can bring up some nice surprises. 

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