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Even amongst luxury watchmakers, Zenith is a prestigious name because of the company's precision and commitment to creating every watch entirely in-house.

A Swiss company established in 1865, Zenith was the first watchmaker to complete every aspect of the entire process under one roof, a practice that continues to this day. Zenith is one of the very few Swiss luxury watchmakers who still produce their own movements.

Zenith were also responsible for producing one of the very first automatic movements and today one of their watches, the El Primero, remains one of the very best high frequency automatic chronographs available on the market.

For these reasons, Zenith is often considered to be the watchmaker of choice for the purist, an individual who can appreciate the quality of workmanship which goes into each timepiece.

The excellence of Zenith's technical prowess is demonstrated by the fact that its movements are often used by some of the other luxury watchmakers too.

Zenith has a range of watches available, but all have a distinctive look, with clean simple lines and elegant styling. With both classic and contemporary watches made in a range of materials including steel, rose gold and a special compound known as PVD, the attraction of Zenith lies not just in their sublime quality of craftsmanship but also in the way they look too. Getting hold of a pre-owned Zenith watch can be a smart move. A second hand, used Zenith El Primero can be a great watch to own. Watch dealers don't have to work to hard when selling a zenith watch. 

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